Sequretek MDR for large enterprises(500+)

Sequretek MDR for large enterprises(500+)
Sequretek MDR for large enterprises(500+)
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Product Description:

Managed Detection and Response remote monitoring and incident response service base pack with 10 log sources for data collection, includes
- Setup of monitoring
- Out-of-Box correlation rules
- Out-of-Box reporting
- Remote incident response

MDR: Managed Detection & Response: An AI based product to carry out predictive threat analytics, threat hunting and threat mitigation. The log monitoring is carried out on a 24*7 basis for better incident response management

Minimum Order Quantity:10 Log Sources

Quantity in Recommended Packages:20 to 30 Log Sources

List Price / Per Year: 56000/per log source

Please send the enquiry to

Log Source: Log Source examples as mentioned below but not limited to:
Network Security Technologies: Firewall, IDS, IPS, Web Proxy
Endpoint Security Technologies: Antivirus, EDR, DLP
Operational Technologies: AD, Web Server, Linux Server
Applications: WAF, Email Gateway


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